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Meet Great Lakes Researcher Gregory L. Boyer

Dr. Gregory L. Boyer is a biochemist by training with broad interests in the chemistry and ecology of biologically-active natural products produced by plants, algae and bacteria. This includes algal toxins as well as small peptides called siderophores important in metal homeostasis. Special interests include the biochemistry of iron in forest and aquatic (marine and freshwater) ecosystems, the chemistry / ecology of marine and freshwater harmful algal blooms, brown tides, and rapid detection methods for toxic cyanobacteria and paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) toxins. A major theme in his research is to understand the roles these compounds play in determining the interactions among aquatic organisms. Often the tools and techniques to measure these compounds in natural environments simply do not exist, so the development of new methodology (molecular and chemical) is often an important part of this research. His laboratory is very multidisciplinary with molecular biologists, organic chemists and biochemists all working side by side towards a common goal.

Current Projects

Chemistry, biochemistry and ecology of blue green (cyanobacterial) algal toxins

Iron, siderophores and heavy metals in forested ecosystems

BioChemistry and production of algal based biofuels

Identification, characterization and inventory of novel freshwater biotoxins

Near real time water monitoring