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Business Spreadsheets.

Excel business templates for financial analysis and management.

Excel templates by Business Spreadsheets Spreadsheets are VBA macro driven Excel solutions for business analysis and process management. The solutions are designed to quickly perform accurate financial analysis and efficiently perform business management tasks. The templates can be downloaded with full functionality for short-term projects and are freely available for educational purposes.

Excel Templates and Solutions.

Project Management.

Business Valuation.

Real Options Valuation.

Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting.

Portfolio Performance Tracking.

Portfolio Optimization.

Invoicing System.

Excel Business Solutions.

Features and Benefits.

The Excel solutions are engineered to adapt flexibly to specific business requirements and remain robust to provide quality and accurate results. The templates provide analytic results to facilitate business decision making and can save considerable develop time and resources.

Flexible and extensible solutions can be applied to a range of simple to complex business scenarios. Simple and robust spreadsheet applications are intuitive to use to produce accurate and easy to interpret results. Economical and efficient purpose built templates can save considerable development time and consultancy costs.

Compatibility and Sharing.

All Excel templates function with Microsoft Excel 97 or higher including Excel 2016 for Windows and Mac as cross platform compatible spreadsheet based business applications.

The download solutions are generic templates that can be used and customized for particular business requirements. Spreadsheets with realized analysis and reporting analysis can be freely distributed to other end users and interested parties without constraints. Additional exporting functionality allows results to be generated as static Excel workbook files with professional reporting for publishing.

Support and Resources.

A variety of support material is provided for the Excel templates including:

Quick answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). Business Spreadsheets templates user guides. Dedicated help forums for each of the Excel templates. Video guide tutorials and email support.

Additional support resources along with purchase options can be found with product ordering.

Free for Students and Teachers.

The Excel business templates by Business Spreadsheets are free for educational purposes allowing students, teachers and staff to use and deploy commonly utilized analytical tools within academic institutions. Information for obtaining the Excel templates free for learning can be found in our Education Program.

A comprehensive library of third party Excel solutions for business is maintained to match relevant Excel based applications to business needs categorized by subject domain and requirement. Solutions include add-ins, templates and integrated software applications categorized by business fields including business finance, financial markets, operations management and Excel productivity.

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